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Nurses and Medicals

Hallo Guten Tag. Wie kann ich Ihnen helfen? Suchen Sie nach Hilfe für den Anpassungslehrgang?

You already graduated and have received your Bachelor in Nursing and like to work in Germany? For you offer specialized courses for the B1/B2 Pflege-Deutsch in order to better prepare you for your medical career in Germany.

You have not got a Bachelor in Nursing but like to want to follow the possibility to study and become a nurse in Germany. Then check the Dual Training Program to become a nurse. Pease enquire at our school.

Our teachers who are certified language instructors in medical terminology for this course will be able to help you bridge your medical knowledge with the German language.


nurse filipina

German A1/A2 -  German for Nurses

Guten Tag - you learn how to introduce yourself know some basics can describe your closest environment 

holding hand nurse surgery

German B1/B2 -  German for Nurses

Hallo wie geht es dir?  Beschreibe deine Arbeit. You will enrich your basic knowledge with more day to day language to prepare to pass the test to be able to start an apprenticeship in Germany.You can participate in simple conversations and prepare for writings

nurse hospital

German B2 - for Nurses 

Bereit zur Prüfung? We offer exam preparation and after B2 already "Programm zur Kenntnisprüfung" for you to ensure you use your time to the fullest advantage with us

A1 / A2 Intensive Course each 6 weeks - 120 units each, 20 units a week 

B1 / B2 Intensive Course each 9 /11  weeks -  180/220 units each, 20 units a week

Exam Prep Course - 2 week, 4 units a day

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