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We started this idea off as team of 3 german teachers with business as well as teaching experience  in Germany and overseas . We realised we need to bring the language into the country and indulge people with it. 

So setting up GOAL - Global Overseas Academy for Languages ​is our approach driven by the talent and commitment of our students and staff. Each staff is carefully selected to ensure the quality of teaching. This combines with the individual path of each student for the own growth. Besides our courses we try to  specifically design our trainings for the individual student, his or her goals, skills and speed of learning.

Our main goal is to help to close the bridge between the expectation of standard learning courses to the way you need to use your language in everyday german live on your working space. We are also very proud of our program, which focuses on a high level of commitment and academic curiosity and overcomes social ethnological and geographical barriers. We combine the learning technique with the endless possibilities of the internet. So we offer Online and Schoolroom courses and believe in very intensive training as well.


Our qualifications as teachers (University or teaching degree) combined with our backgrounds in business and craftsmanhip help you in the mitigation courses to understand the expectation of your future employer. We are your source to learn the culture and transform the language you learned to the language you really need in everyday work live. No theory but real practical experience we help you for using real live German.

Do not hesitate - contact us now - we are here to support you.

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